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Cornyn elevator guide rail type, let you guide lifter is full of freshness

Elevator guide rail type structure and the main application: elevator guide rail type mainly includes the mechanical part of the lifting gear device, track and change with three parts, including lifting lifting device is mainly used for suspension, is the core part of the entire organization, the role of rail device mainly provide mobile trajectory, make operation more smooth, in taking device is when the elevator to the door switch is used to track. The internal structure of lifting device for lifting device is mainly composed of gear mechanism, bracket, worm and worm wheel, steering mechanism, crane arm, upper and lower shell, etc. Gear mechanism gear mechanism mainly includes large and small gear, tie belt wheel, axis and composed of snap buttons, torsional spring safety device.


Choose closed gear transmission, large and small gear used for steel, the quenched and tempered treatment, belong to the soft tooth surface, due to the closed soft tooth surface gear common failure forms of tooth surface corrosion, so the design according to the tooth surface contact fatigue strength calculation, according to the tooth root bending fatigue strength test. Stents used in fixed, supporting elevator case inside all the mechanical parts and electrical components, mainly composed of side plate, connecting pipe and connector parts welded together, such as material selection, one on either side of the plate thickness, at the same time in order to reduce stent, the weight of the design a lot of holes on the plate on both sides. Worm and worm wheel due to the worm and worm wheel mechanism, with large transmission ratio, compact structure, small impact load, smooth transmission and low noise etc, and have the characteristics of reverse self-locking. Can ensure that the handling process, patients with motor power transmission mechanism can self-locking, selects the worm gear and worm gear reducer. With involute worm, materials for steel, its helical surface hardening treatment, in order to improve the transmission efficiency and increase the wear resistance, worm gear polyformaldehyde material selection. Plastic worm wheel has good processing efficiency, stable transmission, noise reduction of vibration absorption and the advantages of light quality, wear resistance and self-lubrication, makes the design of the elevator more humanization.


Agency steering mechanism is mainly composed of guidance plastic pipe, guide bracket, compression spring, safety plug, guide shell and guide shaft parts, such as oriented institutions half section, plastic pipe forming a narrow gap between two guide, lifting cloth belt out from the slit in the body, prevent the cloth tape volumes, have the effect of orientation. Safety plug by the guide bracket and the compression spring support, in order to prevent compression spring force after loss of stability, fortress designed a small guide in a safe, small clearance between guide rod and the spring reference table. Crane jib axis welded together, a boom respectively installed on both ends, material selection, quenched and tempered treatment, and the box body tied together constitute the three shells under suspension points, through the soft bearing will be lifting sling, sling bearing the weight of the hanging arm, in order to make the can by lifting when riding in a comfortable state, two hook hanging arm spacing reference table lists the standard size of the related data as a design reference, stabilizer bar used to keep the balance of the lifting gear, material design into a hollow tube, reduce the weight of the whole crane boom.

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