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The elevator function and structure
The elevator function and structure of a, mainly by the control part, drive part and the traction parts. Can be seen from the above link address the elevator all the components of the structure, the difference in hoist, its interactivity, comfortable and safe flying in space. Elevator is simple to understand how it works: it is will power electric energy, through some kind of variable frequency device or directly to the drive power supply, by driving gear drive traction device, again through the traction device of suspension wire rope pull capsules do run up and work. All of these motivation is driven by many electrical device, mechanical device to realize integration of work. Second, why the elevator upstairs, and a press it will come down on the first floor? The elevator waiting in a layer above, when pressed on the ground floor outside calls, simple understanding is actually a contact switch, press down the moment, instruction by borehole wire and transmitted to the control cabinet of the main control board (or signal panel or PC panel or the original elevator is the relay operation), our panel, for example, it receives procedure in the inherent instantaneous signal to touch panel again later, at the same time by its output instructions ready to how to respond to the elevator, respectively, to call out and drives the light is bright, the last turn electrical energy directly or indirectly driven motor drive gearbox, with wire rope traction wheel friction drive the car run down, each layer has a flat layer devices to collect the location the elevator, when the elevator to the first floor, the control panel through the different program output signal to control the drive device, open the door, the elevator speed change to 1 LouPing layer implementation called instruction outside the elevator. Three, why in the capsules press which floor will stop at which floor? Work method is similar to your second question, just move the outside call button in the car, working the same. Capsules instruction starting the program only difference is that, unlike outside calls, program is independent, call on, outside the button, and the car is no upper and lower direct (unless passing outside the building has the same call instruction), stood outside the up and down the response of the result is different, here I don't do, rounding, often do believe the building elevator is feeling, when you are going down at the same time, according to the upper and lower the resulting response there is a difference between the elevator, the elevator to do the work is different, is not conducive to energy conservation.
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