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Chongqing rail site barrier-free elevators "disabled" passengers waiting for the elevator to be put into use as soon as possible

To take rail transit, the barrier-free elevators in the site can not only convenient to travel for the disabled, also can give a disabled old man, with the weight of people travel convenience. Recently, reflect a citizen, a lot of the barrier-free elevators in the orbital station have "disorder", hope to related departments to solve as soon as possible, let barrier-free elevators putting-in-service proactively as soon as possible, convenient for citizens to travel. To this, reporter for the visiting survey.

"Strike" barrier-free elevator passengers said inconvenient

On July 11, 9 o 'clock in the morning, the reporter to take rail transit line no. 6, within the grand stand, found a barrier-free elevator entrance was grating, at the same time also put "no thoroughfare" yellow warning signs to remind passengers, can't use, the light rail passengers can only take the escalator outbound.

"We are also good, if there are any walking a wheelchair passengers would be a little trouble." Mr Wang told reporters at a passenger, since have barrier-free elevators, there will be no light when "decoration", should putting-in-service proactively as soon as possible.

Station in rail transit line no. 6) store, barrier-free elevators nor put into use, the elevator door placed yellow warning sign "no entry".

Subsequently, the reporter transfer to rail transit line 3, found the horns, copper coin bureau Tuo stop barrier-free elevators also not used.

A horned Tuo station exit, equipped with a barrier-free elevators, but the elevator entrance door lock, door with a "temporary not open Passengers ".

"No barrier-free elevators, pushing baby very inconvenient to bring their children out on." One woman said that she often to strollers on light rail travel, every time stops the outbound to put away your baby stroller, with children at the same time, the weather was so hot now, really don't convenient.

In the visiting survey, the reporter found that take the light rail transit passengers, especially carry the bags of passengers, all hope to take a barrier-free elevator when in and out of the station. Many passengers said, barrier-free facilities such as the elevator can not only convenient for the disabled, can also convenient disabled elderly, people with heavy travel.

Chongqing rail transit group: after facilities maintenance, debugging putting-in-service proactively in succession

These rail site barrier-free elevator no normal putting-in-service proactively, what is the reason? When the reporter asked the orbital station staff, such as: "no transfer" are still in the construction of "reply" failure ".


Barrier-free elevator can not run normally, can help the disabled disabled? Orbital station staff told reporters that if necessary, they can arrange someone to help disabled people in and out of the station.

Subsequently, the reporter called chongqing rail transit group customer service, the other party, said the current rail transit line 1, 2, 3, 6, a total of about more than 100 sites (including repeat intersection site), now you can use the barrier-free elevators were about more than 50 sites.

For the current site has not been put into use barrier-free elevators, chongqing rail transit group, said they were busy repair defective barrier-free elevators, at the same time for some sites of barrier-free elevators to the final debugging, inspection, gradually putting-in-service proactively as soon as possible, convenient travel.

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