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Elevator is widely used, you know -- cornyn

The work high above the special equipment of elevator is widely used. The lifting platform lifting has high stability, wide operating platform and high bearing capacity, make the work high above the range is bigger, and is suitable for many people work at the same time. It makes the work high above the more efficient, more secure. Aerial work platform lifting equipment is widely used


Usage: suitable for airport terminal, aircraft repair, station, wharf, shopping malls, sports venues, residential property, factories workshop and so on wide range of high continuous operation, meet the demand of the rise and fall of various working height. Part of the product has the function of automatic walking can under different working conditions, fast, slow walk, elevator. Only one person can operate the machine in the air straight up and down, forward, backward, steering, etc. The machine is in a state of stop, remain the state of the brake wheel, and reliable braking when 6 degrees slope. Large diameter ultra wide high quality rubber wheel allows the user to effectively protect the ground at the same time, the elevator increases the friction to the brake, make the lift smooth and accurate, frequent start, great capacity, effectively solve all kinds of lifting operation difficulties in industrial enterprises, make the production operation.

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