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Where is the elevator the easiest bad? Hospital with a 15.6% failure rate at the top

Date: 2016-08-01

Many people don't know baby carriages are prohibited from overhand escalator. Guangzhou daily reporter Chen sick child


Midsummer comes, shopping malls, airports, stations, public places as high rates of elevator safety accidents. Data show that at present, the hospital has become the elevator failure rate of the highest places in the city. In the elevator in the city, as much as 54.77% of the elevator was caused by external causes. 96333 center warns a citizen, to form a good habit by ladder, do not the elevator overload, not to stop the elevator door body, take the escalator to avoid clothes or bags were involved in escalator gap, etc. Reporter visited the city each big passenger flow concentration areas, combing escalator taboo list on hand, found the baby strollers, big luggage, hole hole shoes, drag, dress and other contraband still occasionally be found to fit the escalator.


Hospital: elevator located in each unit using the top failure rate


From city pledges inspect bureau, according to data from the hospital with a 15.6% failure rate in guangzhou each unit using the top, the failure rate of 9.9% above the 9.9% residential, schools. This is because the hospital elevator used frequently, and personnel caused by ladder safety consciousness is not strong.


Yesterday, the reporter visited the city three three class a hospitals and hai two district hospitals, and found a lot of van elevator in front of the queue. Some parents don't want to wait, bringing strollers onto the hand-held elevator. In acquired another city, the reporter is on the second floor escalator hand upward exit observation, 15 minutes there were four parents pushing a stroller aboard. "Pram Mr Escalator? Never heard of." Sir Cow told reporters. Reporter in tianhe city department store inside casing observation, found that only three people of 30 people know need to take a vertical ladder.


Drag on the escalator station: big luggage was strong


In guangzhou south railway station, railway station and metro transfer station foot traffic, the reporter sees, "carry a big luggage take vertical ladder" safety consciousness is not popular. Most of the yard vertical elevator utilization rate is not high, vertical elevator passengers and how. When drag and drop big baggage passengers aboard a hand-held elevator, thus buried safe hidden trouble. Long waiting room in guangzhou east station wicket, about 50 meters, is two vertical lifts, can through the long waiting room on the fourth floor. However, reporters found that the two lifts utilization rate is not high, most of the passengers, including some with big luggage of passengers choose to ride beside the hand-held elevator to the fourth floor of the long waiting room. Reporters ask to catch the train passengers, he said he better hurry, and didn't notice the existence of the vertical elevator.


Mall: children on hand-held elevator chase scenes


Cool stores become the scene of children playing, however, because the parents safety consciousness, reporter visits to see a lot of children on the hand-held elevator chase scenes. Especially high hand of some shopping mall escalators, all is not equipped with security fence.


"We store every hand escalator with a security fence." Acquired a new city property management department manager said. "To prevent children from hand slid down the escalator, should install fence, or the fence, but there is no clear stipulation in the country's elevator safety norms." Elevator to the personage inside course of study tells a reporter, hand escalators such as adding 1.6 meters high barrier, need at least ten thousand yuan, and most of the shopping mall is not installed for the sake of money.


Hand and escalator, people wear long skirt, hole hole shoes on the escalator


Quality slim hole hole shoes, long and heel of the dress, the most common of these summer clothes accessories is the big fear of escalator hand. In yesterday's visit, the reporter saw, if the children standing too close to the position of aperture, fast downward to export, children wear can instantly into a gap within the hole hole shoes, is the elevator the sawtooth clamped between steps. Quality people: "the hole hole shoes quality is soft, slippery force is strong, the collision to the aperture of the exit of staircase, not like ordinary shoes follow the escalator to go out, but would roll themselves into. When wearing the shoes of the elevator must stand in the middle of the escalator, cannot exceed the yellow line." Similar to this dress, but also because of easy to live apron board and become a taboo hand escalator.


Statement of quality control: key spot check the hand of the escalator in public places


Guangzhou city pledges inspect bureau, said the public escalator safety issues are the key spot check and monitoring objects. It reminds, maintenance units of escalator maintenance must be enclosed, children should be more adult accompanied by escalator.


"We have an elevator overload nearly double alarm, also can normal operation, this kind of situation what should I do?" Recently, a citizen to reporters, said they work every day to take the elevator without alarm overload problem. Guangzhou city pledges inspect bureau commissioner of the AD hoc Yang Yanhui remind, safety, such as doubt yourself to take the elevator can dial 96333 hotline, at any time to provide the serial number of the elevator. Guangzhou city pledges inspect bureau reports after, will immediately the daily inspection, and provide feedback to people with disabilities.


Encounter the elevator? Staff of the 96333, if it is van elevator, can be in the first place according to the alarm bell, alarm or call 96333 and 96333. If it is a staircase, should immediately turn off the elevator, and give a warning ring.


Guangzhou city pledges inspect bureau special remind, minors in escalator when need to be accompanied by adult. If it's sitting pram, should use the elevator. If walking is not smooth, should be accompanied by an adult assistance in the elevator entrance.