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Wanfeng mill single rope winding hoist, high transmission efficiency

Date: 2016-08-01

Elevator mechanical part mainly includes the main shaft device, planetary gear reducer, disc brake, hydraulic station, lubrication station, depth indicator, etc. Driven by ac or dc motor. Spiral wound mine hoist has two kinds of single drum and dual drum, wire rope on the drum winding way similar to general winch. Monocular mostly only a piece of wire rope, connect a container. Binocular each drum with a steel wire rope, connecting two container, a container when working, another container. Double barrel hoist rope with radial gear block type hydraulic adjustable clutch; The transmission part of the planetary gear reducer can be configured or parallel shaft double circular arc gear reducer.


Product introduction:


1, main shaft device drum has split (easy to well below) and integral type. Use 16 mn welding structure, use co2 welding. Drum for overall annealing treatment to eliminate internal stress after welding. The spindle is made of 45 # steel forgings, normalizing treatment, and check strict physical and chemical experiments and testing. Hoist the main shaft bearing seat bolts respectively fixed on the two bearing beam, bearing selection, luoyang, Harbin wafangdian three leading domestic manufacturers double row centripetal spherical roller bearings, the product quality is stable and reliable, has a simple structure, easy installation, maintenance, high transmission efficiency, etc. Main shaft device of the drum is equipped with a device for cars, can be used in the maintenance of the brake.


2, the rear brake disc brake for cylinder type of disc brakes, brake force provided by the disc spring, hydraulic control. Its compact structure, action quick, safe and reliable. Three times the maximum static moment brake braking torque design.




3, two-stage planetary gear reducer, planetary transmission. This kind of reducer, transmission of hard tooth surface with compact structure, large transmission capacity, stable operation, low noise, long life and other characteristics, and is equipped with a powerful lubrication lubrication station. Planetary wheel speed reducer, the sun wheel is made of 20 crmnti, after carburizing and quenching treatment and grinding processing. High and low speed shaft after grinding machine processing and inspection check, after quenching and tempering treatment. Output bogie for nc boring machine boring, improve production precision. Reducer for gear steel tank.


4, hydraulic station adopts adjustable electrical delay secondary braking hydraulic station, using proportional valve to adjust pressure, two sets of electric motors, pumps and pressure regulating device, a set of operation, a backup, to ensure reliable elevator running. Hydraulic components adopt integrated way above the tank panel, easy to maintenance.


5, lubrication station lubrication station planetary gear reducer lubricating oil supply to ensure the normal operation of planetary gear reducer. Fuel delivery of 63 litres per minute, ensures sufficient lubrication tooth surfaces. Lubrication station is equipped with cooler and configure two sets of motor and gear pump, a set of operation, a backup.


6, depth indicator is memorial arch type depth indicator, with instructions ascending vessel position in wellbore, send to slow down and roll signal.